What would it look like if you could make your perfect pitch?

You know how on Shark Tank people pitch their ideas to try to raise money from investors? And you know how many hear the dreaded words: "You're not a good fit for my portfolio"? 

Well, that’s what I do as a Pitch Coach. I help innovators package and perfect a winning pitch within 30-days and eliminate the guesswork of who to ask for money.

My specialty is helping social innovators and entrepreneurs who need non-traditional capital to scale their impact. 

The tricky part of a pitch is...

You have to know what to include or omit from a pitch and how to best deliver key messages.

You have to know who is the best audience to pitch.

You have to be ready for questions that come up and how to answer them.

And most importantly…

You must have specific action steps so you get the results you want!

Perfect Pitch + Coaching consists of online content and individual coaching, guiding you through a three-step process:

First, we’ll help you analyze your pitch and create your action plan.

You'll have a goal-setting coaching session with Paul within 48 hours of your enrollment.

We’ll use the Perfect Pitch Assessment and Checklist to learn from your last pitch, provide 5 specific improvements AND work with you to create an Action Plan together. 

Second, we’ll help you identify your target audience and even provide you with:

  • Videos on different types of capital providers 

  • 5 prospective capital providers to add to your list to pitch to.

  • Coaching on how to talk in the language of capital providers

Third, you’ll practice and perfect your pitch within 30 days when we:

  • Listen to your improved pitch and give you specific feedback
  • Provide you with examples and templates 
  • Coach you to give your first pitch within 30 days

This Course + Coaching will leave you with:


in communicating with capital providers. 

Tools, Templates & Examples 

that help you save time and money. 


to give your pitch to and network with. 

Traction to Move Forward

and achieve your fundraising goals.

What others are saying...

"In-person presence, online experience"

Rae Edmonton

I’ve taken both virtual and in-person courses from Paul Wright, and he is able to transfer that in-person presence to an online experience.

"Way beyond just the simple PowerPoint"

J. Pauly

I enrolled in the Perfect Pitch Coaching program because I had so many thoughts racing through my head, I was just spinning my wheels working hard, but not productively. He helped me think about my target audience and this helped me learn about new presentation tools that are way beyond just the simple PowerPoint.

Here’s what’s included...

Personalized Coach Feedback & Action Plan:

  • Stay on track, get traction, and be pitch-ready using our online action systems with reminders 

  • Improve your pitch using our video recording platform and watch personalized feedback from your coach

  • Refine your next pitch to a targeted audience

So that you can...

  • Use your time wisely, stay accountable, and focus on getting results

  • Avoid being caught off guard by shark-like questions

  • Feel more confident having pitched to someone with years of experience

Ten Steps to the Perfect Pitch Guidebook & Self Assessment Checklist:

  • Know which slide titles to include and what content to omit
  • Follow a proven pathway by other entrepreneurs we’ve helped
  • Tell what sets you apart and how you’ll achieve success together

So that you can...

  • Focus on getting the right people in your audience for your pitch

  • Concentrate on key points and leave out the boring stuff

  • Build credibility and get more interest and action takers

5 Specific Improvements & 5 Prospective Capital Providers:

  • Learn who are non-traditional capital providers in Raising Impact Capital 101 videos
  • Jumpstart your new qualification process
  • Focus on those prospects most aligned with your enterprise
  • Start your outreach sooner and pitch within 30 days

So that you can...

  • Stop wondering how you’re going to move forward

  • Grow and scale your enterprise with the right partners

  • Focus on the tasks that create more impact

Plus, we have other bonus items, such as tools, templates with other course lessons that we can add once you have your first coaching sessions.

What's the Cost?

We give you personalized coaching so that you don’t have to waste time and can get better leads for investors and stakeholders. What is that worth to you?  We are packaging this offer for only $1,185 for those that are ready to get started and make their perfect pitch in 30 days. A two-payment plan is also available at check-out. Once you complete the first month, Paul can continue coaching you on a bi-weekly frequency until you see all your results at a reduced rate.

Our Best Guarantee

Qualified Lead Guarantee

If you follow your action plan and pitch 5 investors within 30 days and still don’t get a lead for a second meeting, I will continue with bi-weekly coaching for free until you win a lead.

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you continue with paid coaching for another 60 days and don’t get any type of funding commitment, we will refund you. 

*Only those with enterprises in the United States are eligible for the guarantee.

Paul Wright, MBA, ACC

The Common Good Coach

Paul has served the Community Development Finance industry for 20 years, from funding hundreds of small businesses to administering large grants in underserved communities and impact investing projects. Over his executive career, he has led teams in product development, organizational change and marketing strategy, and now shares his lessons learned as a business coach.

He is Co-Founder of Wright Venture Services, a Kentucky-based company offering online training programs designed for entrepreneurs and the people who support them. Paul's specialty is helping small businesses be more intentional in creating value for the common good: balancing margins and mission. His expertise is in lean startup practices, marketing strategy, leadership development, and raising capital. Paul is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ACC). He lives in Berea, KY with his wife and four young adult children and enjoys trail running the Pinnacles and long hikes on the Sheltowee Trace.

Make your Perfect Pitch

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