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Paul Wright

My name is Paul Wright, and I have served in various community economic development financing roles. I've worked with both private and public “impact investors,” and helped deploy over $20 million into projects in my 20-year career.

During those years, I saw two big problems: ‍

1. Impact investors have trouble getting money out the door to the right projects.

2. Owners of social enterprises have trouble finding the right investors who understand their unique model.

This is why these courses were created: to help businesses learn more about social enterprise, to teach owners how to start or transition to a social enterprise, and for owners learn how and where to look for investors and position themselves to get the funding they need to grow (and is right there waiting for them).

I'd love to have you join us. See you in class!‍


  • $195.00

    $195.00Raising Capital 101

    Introduction course to raising impact capital for a social enterpriese.
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  • $445.00

    $445.00Business Coaching with Paul Wright

    Practice your pitch and get helpful feedback with business coach Paul Wright. You'll improve your content, delivery and build confidence for your next pitch.
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  • $29.95

    $29.95Pitch Self Assessment & Checklist

    This tool helps you self-assess your Pitch based on the guidebook.
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